New York L 1991

Modern, clean, elegant mid sized grand piano.

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System Requirements
  • Apple Silicon or Intel
  • 10.13 or Greater
  • Standalone, AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3
  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Standalone, AAX Native, VST2, VST3

What do you get when you take the multiple gold standards in piano design and manufacturing and stick them all into a single piano? You get the New York L 1991. When you think of the sound of the ultimate piano, nothing comes closer to that sound than this. There’s a reason why these pianos have been become synonymous with high class and quality.

Clean and Powerful

The new York L 1991 offers just the right balance of clean and powerful, with just the slightest hint of charm that comes from a medium sized grand piano. Clocking in at just under 6 feet, this piano boasts a powerful set of strings that produce that quintessential piano sound that every manufacturer has been trying to obtain for the past 100 years. Each note has a crystal clear and powerful tone that we have all heard on high end recordings.


The New York L 1991 is sampled from a 5’10” Steinway Model L built in 1991 (Serial Number 519373), purchased 2 years ago from a Steinway showroom in Seattle, WA. It has been incredibly well maintained and restored to be like new when it was purchased. It was sampled in a large, live living room with 5 stereo microphone positions, carefully placed to get the most out of the piano and the room.

Hear It in Action

Below are a few samples of songs played through the New York L 1991. In order to let you hear exactly what the piano sounds like, we have removed all reverb and effects so that you can hear the raw sound of the piano.


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New York L 1991
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