New York L 1926

Vintage, resonant, mid sized grand piano

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  • Standalone, AAX Native, VST2, VST3

When you take an amazingly designed piano and let it age nearly 100 years in ideal conditions, you end up with something kind of magical. This piano is exactly that. Combine the world changing sound that was this piano model and let it age and you get a truly unique instrument.

With Age comes Wisdom

The new York L 1926 offers offers a unique and rare sound. Most pianos this age have one foot in the grave. Once they are old enough, they either need to be rebuilt or taken to the dump. But not this one. This piano is a wise old sage who knows his age but can outrun most pianos in their prime. All parts are original. The strings have gained a healthy growl that new strings don’t have, but manages to avoid getting the thuddy low end like most strings do. What you end up with is a resonant, growly piano with a couple of quirks, but boy does this thing know how to sing.


The New York L 1926is sampled from a 5’10” Steinway Model L built in 1926 (Serial Number 241663), transported from California to Olympia, WA four years ago. Though all its parts are original, it has been kept in an extremely well controlled environment that has allowed it to age gracefully. It was sampled in a small, open living room with 4 stereo microphone positions, carefully placed to get the most out of the piano and the room.

Hear It in Action

Below are a few samples of songs played through the New York L 1926. In order to let you hear exactly what the piano sounds like, we have removed all reverb and effects so that you can hear the raw sound of the piano.


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